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Cane Star

Cane Star
Cane Star
  • CANESTAR is prepared from naturally occurring Ascophyllum nodusum extract 5%.
  • CANESTAR is an active source of micronutrients, cytokinins, auxins, alginic acids, gibberellins, vitamins etc.
  • CANESTARhelps to increase size and luster of leaves, and enhances root development.
  • CANESTAR helps to increase tiller count & girth in sugarcane.
  • CANESTAR used in cereals like Wheat and pulses nourishes grains and pods giving higher yield.

Nature Care Fertilizers is a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Cane Star from Maharashtra, India. Used most popularly for the cultivation of cane sugar, Cane Star acts as an active source of micronutrients, cytokines, auxins, alginic acids, gibberellins, vitamins, etc. We hold the expertise to deliver small or bulk orders of this product within the stipulated time frame. Global buyers can obtain it at competitive rates from us.


  • It Increase the size and luster of leaves and enhances root development.
  • It helps increase tiller count in sugarcane.
  • Cane Star supplies sufficient quality of micronutrients, due to which it increases bricx value and tonnage of sugarcane.
  • Apart from sugarcane, the size of the onion crop has been found to increase with the help of Cane Star.
  • For cereals such as wheat and pulses, it nourishes grains and pods and provides a higher yield.


  • Sprinkle 1 litre of Cane Star per acre through drip or flood irrigation.
  • Sprinkle 2 to 3 times the above-mentioned quantity in sugarcane farms for a better yield.

Packaging : It is available in 1 lit bottle in liquid form.

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