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The Founders

Mr. Jayant Barve (Chairman)

  • Education: Master’s in Physics,
  • Research & Work:
    • Research fellowship in National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
    • Professor in Modern College, Pune
    • Organic Farmer since last 30 years
    • Formation of Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute (SARI). This is a non governing organisation working to develop organic awareness in society.
    • Ex. Treasurer – Organic Farmers Association of India.
    • Advisor – Maharashtra Organic Farmers Federation.
  • Awards :
    • Parkhe Award by Maratha chamber of Commerce (in 1977)
    • FIE Foundation award for organic farming and city waste management. (in 1996)
    • Moropant Pingle GO SEVA Award – (in 2012)
    • UDYOGSHREE AWARD – (in 2013)
  • Articles & Interview :
    • Paper presentation at Congress on Traditional sciences & technologies of India at Pawai IIT on Vermiculture experience (in 1996)
    • Paper on Waste Organics in Sustainable Agriculture at Workshop arranged by Govt. of Maharashtra Pawai IIT (in 1998)
    • Various presentations and articles on sustainable agriculture and organic farming in several m agazines, several universities and different workshops.
    • Published a book “Vasundhara” for soil development.
    • Published a book “Panchgavya Chikista”

Mr.JaydevBarve (Managing Director)

  • Education: Bachelor’s in Microbiology, Master’s in business Administration
  • Research and Work: Conducted more than 100 training programmes of farmers to convey the message & importance of organic farming, as a MOVEMEMT. It is a continual process of educating the farmers. So far more than 20000 farmers have been benefited
  • Awards: “Udyogshree Award” in 2013

कोणताही सेंद्रिय पदार्थ कुजला की त्याचे खत बनते. तो जमिनीतच वनस्पतीच्या मुळाजवळच कुजत गेला तर या क्रियेचे विलक्षण फायदे त्या वनस्पतीला मिळत जातात. हे तत्व पक्के ध्यानी ठेऊन १९९७ पासून आजपर्यंतची २३ वर्ष अनेक निरुपयोगी पदार्थ वापरत नेचर केअर फर्टिलायझर्सचा प्रवास सुरू झाला. अनेक सेंद्रिय पदार्थांचा वापर करत त्यांचेवर प्रयोग, परीक्षण, परिणाम पहात आज हा उद्योगचा वृक्ष उभा राहिला आहे. गेल्या २३ वर्षांचा हा यशदायी प्रवास मनाला आशादायी, प्रसन्न व परिपूर्तीकडे नेत आहे असे वाटते.

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