Our Journey

Jayant Barve completed his M Sc. in physics and pursued career as researcher in Physical Chemistry and then as a Physics lecturer in a reputed college in Pune. Later, when his father asked him to come back to native place, he started the Para Nitro Aniline (PNA) manufacturing unit. The well established manufacturing business had to see a shut-down as a result of some drastic changes in import policy by the then Government of India. This was the time when Jayantji switched to the business of consultation & marketing chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, which brought him in direct connection of farmers and farming. He used to test the samples brought to my lab by local farmers and used to prescribe then the required chemicals to cure the crop problems.

One day, a vineyard farmer came to Jayantji & asked for the chemical pesticide to repel the crows. The crows were damaging his grape bunches and so he wanted me to tell him the effective chemical pesticide to keep the crows away. To Jayantji’s surprise, it was only a week before final harvesting of the grapes, which might result in hazardous chemical residues on grapes.

Contrasting enough, Jayantji started with consultation of Chemical Pesticides, which in turn showed how hazardous it can be not only for the people who consume such farm products but also for the soil and air as it gets polluted thereby creating further problems of acid rains and polluted ground waters. Certainly, it was alarming.

This incidence alerted to move away from Chemical Pesticides and switch to something which is more natural, environment friendly and also healthy way of yielding crops, the Organic Farming. This is how my journey of Organic Farming started.

We started working in our own farm situated in Vita,

I am doing Organic Farming for last 20+ years now with considerable success in terms of economical gain as well as in terms of improved soil fertility and production volume per acre. The improved quality of soil is reflecting in the improved quality of crops as well. I have avoided mono-crops and planned my crops systematically to get better production off less agricultural inputs. continuously updated myself by studying Biodynamic farming, homa farming and vermiculture technology as a part of Organic Farming. I am using all these technologies in my farm to a great effect and profits.

One of the important innovations that I feel proud to mention here is our “Green Harvest” Fertilizer. This is not a typical compost fertilizer, but it’s supplied in raw form itself. The main ingredient different oiled and deoiled cakes, silicon, ashes, rock phosphate and dried forms of natural ores and husk of turmeric and tobacco. Since this fertilizer is not composted, all the nutrients remain locked inside and are made available only when the decomposition takes place in the soil around the plant roots itself. This has shown much better results, so good that it has replaced the chemical fertilizers by 100%, offering a complete organic alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers.

We have raised a dedicated production unit, “Nature Care Fertilizers (NCF)”,