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  • ORMICHEM is Certified under Maharashtra Grade 1 Micronutrient Mixture fertilizer.
  • ORMICHEM is Organo Mineral Chemical Complex.
  • ORMICHEM is organic based micronutrient product.
  • ORMICHEM is best source of Micronutrients required by plant.
  • ORMICHEM contains Zinc, Ferrous, Boron, Manganese, Copper and Molybdenum.
  • 'Zinc' in ORMICHEM plays a vital role in growth hormone production and stem elongation.
  • ' Ferrous ' in ORMICHEM helps in chlorophyll formation.
  • ' Boron ' in ORMICHEM helps in nutrient transport and cell wall formation.
  • ' Manganese ' in ORMICHEM used in plants for photosynthesis, respiration and resistance to root pathogens
  • ' Copper ' in ORMICHEM essential for lignin synthesis and plant metabolism.
  • ' Molybdenum ' in ORMICHEM is essential component for conversion of nitrate into nitrites and further into ammonia.
  • ORMICHEM is available in 10kg powder form soil application
  • ORMICHEM liquid is available for foliar application under Maharashtra Micronutrient Grade 2 fertilizer
Nature Care Fertilizer is a highly reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Ormichem across India and overseas. Ormichem is a well-known micronutrient that conforms to internationally-laid quality standards. We offer Ormichem in customized packaging at cost-effective prices. Owing to our superb logistics network, the consignments are delivered within the predetermined time.

More About Orichem:
Ormichem means organo-mineral chemical complex. It is a unique formulation formed after year of research in various agricultural universities in Maharashtra. It contains ferrous-2%, zinc-5%, boron-1%, copper-0.5%, and mangnese-1%. All these micronutrients are available at a pH range of between 6 to 9. This indicates that Ormichem works in various types of soil. Heavy dosage of chemical fertilizers & irrigated water and lack of knowledge about farming result in decreased soil fertility as well as yield. Hence, Orichem is used in farms along with other organic as well as chemical fertilizers to improve the fertility of the soil.

  • Ormichem improves the quality of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, as well as improves the shelf life of fruits along with their lustre and sugar content.
  • It reduces the early falling of flowers and fruits from plants/trees.
  • It is available in golden coloured powder form in 10 kg bags for soil application.
  • Also it is available in liquid form for spraying and drenching.

Packging Details : It is available in 10 kg bags in powder form and 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, & 5 litre bottles in liquid form.

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