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Green Harvest

Green Harvest
Green Harvest
  • GREEN HARVEST is an organic fertilizer prepared from edible, non edible oiled & deoiled seed cakes and Minerals.
  • It works on the principal of In situ composting (composting near the root zone) resulting in improvement in soil fertility & nutrient availability.
  • Application of GREEN HARVEST results in increase in essential microbial and essential fungal count in soil thus helps building plant immunity and also increases water holding capacity of soil.
  • Green Harvest is Suitable for all types of crops.
  • Certified organic fertilizer by ECOCERT India under NOP, NPOP and EU standard and Maharashtra Government under FCO 1985.
  • GREEN HARVEST is complete replacement for cow dung / farm yard manure(F Y M) as well as any compost
  • GREEN HARVEST is available in 40 Kg bag.

Green Harvest is a blend of different organic ingredients derived from plants. It has been formulated with a combination of Vedic Wisdom and modern scientific agricultural studies. The entire study is based on the sound footing of sustainability and promoting the interrelation & interdependence of all living things in nature. The use of Green Harvest enhances the bacterial activity in the soil, which increases the fertility of soil.

More About Green Harvest - Organic Manure:

Green Harvest is an organic fertilizer of different organic ingredients derived from plants. This product is a result of Vedic wisdom with modern scientific studies in agriculture. The entire study is based on the sound footing of sustainability and the promotion of inter-relation and inter-dependence of all living things in nature. The use of green harvest enhances bacterial activity in the soil, thus resulting in an increase in soil fertility.

Green Harvest contains different types of edible and non-edible oiled & de-oiled seed cakes such as neem, pongamia, mustard, castor, turmeric, tobacco, ginger, marigold, shea, mahuwa, sal, kusumkali, etc. It also contains minerals such as rock phosphate, silica, lobster shells, etc. This mixture is enriched with bacterial cultures such as BD-500, Acetobacter, Azotobacter, P.S.B, and Potash Mobilizers.

The concept of in situ composting near the root zone leads to the formation of polysaccharides and humic acid, which is essential for better root development. A raw protein substance along with polysaccharides and humic acid improves flora and fauna near the root zone, which also leads to an increase in beneficial microbial count. The gradual composting in the soil and symbiotic bacterial activity ensures adequate nutrient and micronutrient supply to the plants for a longer period in a sustainable manner. It also improves resistance and defense mechanism of the soil against adverse attack and conditions such as nematodes, bacterial wilt, termites, etc.

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