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Recharge Granules

Recharge Granules
Recharge Granules
  • Recharge is a product containing various plant growth promoters like humic acid, fulvic acid, potash & traces of other elements.
  • Recharge improves white roots , resulting in increase of nutrients absorption from the soil.
  • White root development gives proper nutrition to the crop, which makes crop healthy and disease free.
  • Recharge increases aeration near root zone
  • Recharge increases root vitality, chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Recharge is used for better seed germination.
  • Recharge is available in 5Kg & 25Kg packing in granule form.

Recharge Granules, also known as the White Root Developer, contain a combination of humic acid, seaweed extract, and tricontanol. Nature Care Fertilizers is among the most dependable manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Recharge Granules in Maharashtra. We offer this product at market-leading rates.

More About Recharge Granules:

Recharge Granules are mainly used for white root development, which results in an increase in the absorption of nutrients and micro-nutrients from the soil. Recharge Granules can increase the humus content as well as microbial count of the soil. The development of the white roots of crops also ensures their proper nourishment. Due to proper nourishment, the crop becomes healthy and resistant to diseases. It also increase root vitality and chlorophyll synthesis. In addition, Recharge Granules increase fertilizer retention and stimulate beneficial microbial activity. This product is used in several crops for improving seed germination. It can be used along with other fertilizers.

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