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Calex Liquid

Calex Liquid
Calex Liquid

Get Calex Liquid of the best quality from us at highly competitive prices. We have a reputation of being among the premier manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Calex Liquid in India and overseas. A unique formulation of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, Calex Liquid is compliant with international quality standards. Moreover, our team has ensured the use of high-grade packaging to prevent damage to the product before delivery.

More About Calex Liquid:

Calex Liquid provides all three secondary nutrients in a balanced form at the root zone itself. It can be used in the later stage of crop cultivation as well as at the maturation stage. Calex can be used for almost all crops as it provides all the secondary nutrients in soluble form. It can be used through drip or flood irrigation and foliar spray.


  • It gives best results in sugarcane, grapes, pomegranates, cotton, vegetables, and in various fruits.
  • It gives extra strength and improves the photosynthetic activity, quality, & colour of flowers and fruits.
  • It prevents flowers and fruits from falling from the tree earlier than expected and increases their yield.
  • It is used for cell division and cell elongation in plants.
  • It also helps activate several plant enzymes that are needed for growth.
  • It helps in chlorophyll formation and improves root growth & seed production.

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