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  • NUTRIWIN is Certified under Maharashtra Grade 1 Micronutrient Mixture fertilizer.
  • NUTRIWIN is best source of Micronutrients required by plant.
  • NUTRIWIN contains Zinc, Ferrous, Boron, Manganese, Copper and Molybdenum.
  • 'Zinc' in NUTRIWIN plays a vital role in growth hormone production and stem elongation.
  • ' Ferrous ' in NUTRIWIN helps in chlorophyll formation.
  • ' Boron ' in NUTRIWIN helps in nutrient transport and cell wall formation.
  • ' Manganese ' in NUTRIWIN used in plants for photosynthesis, respiration and resistance to root pathogens
  • ' Copper ' in NUTRIWIN essential for lignin synthesis and plant metabolism.
  • ' Molybdenum ' in NUTRIWIN is essential component for conversion of nitrate into nitrites and further into ammonia.
  • NUTRIWIN is available in 10kg powder form for soil application and in liquid for foliar application.
  • NUTRIWIN liquid is available for foliar application under Maharashtra Micronutrient Grade 2 fertilizer

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