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Crop Silica

Crop Silica
Crop Silica
  • Crop Silica contains SiO2 (70%).
  • Silicon is the 7th most abundant element in nature, useful in stress management of plant.
  • Crop Silica forms mechanical barrier to prevent insects or pest attack on crop, resulting in reduction of cost in insecticide & pesticide.
  • Crop Silica helps in nutrient uptake.
  • Crop Silica plays a vital role in thickening of leaves, also helps in reduction of evaporation losses
  • Silicon in Crop silica is a natural element, so is recommended in organic agriculture.
  • Crop Silica is available in granular form 25Kg bag.

Nature Care Fertilizers is a reliable & reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Crop Silica across the country and abroad. Our Crop Silica (SiO2 -80%) is composed using active ingredients and pioneering practices that are in tune with the best industry standards. Moreover, it is meticulously packed in a manner in which its shelf life is enhanced and adulteration is prevented. In addition, we follow a fair pricing policy.

More About Crop Silica:

Nowadays, the increasing awareness about the importance of calcium, magnesium, and sulphur in the fields has increased the demand for silica in agriculture. Silica can be used to protect the plant from biotic stress caused by soil-water shortage, temperature variation, and Fe, N, & Mn toxicities. After the application of crop silica, silica is deposited in the cell wall of the plants, thus forming a mechanical barrier to prevent insects or pests from attacking the crop. In addition, the presence of silica crystals in the epidermal tissue of leaves and developing internodes hinders the feeding of insects and damages their mandibles.

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