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Pruthvi PDM

Pruthvi PDM
Pruthvi PDM
  • PRUTHVI PDM is a potassium rich fertilizer derived from molasses which is an alternative for chemical potash fertilizers.
  • 'Potash" in PRUTHVI PDM is an essential plant nutrient and it is known as quality element
  • PRUTHVI PDM has organic source of potash thus availability of potash is more than chemically derived potash.
  • PRUTHVI PDM potash regulates the opening and closing of stomata, and therefore regulates CO2 uptake of plant.
  • 'Potash" in PRUTHVI PDM increases disease & pest resistance in plant.
  • 'Potash" in PRUTHVI PDM helps lustre, shelf life & increase in yield .
  • PRUTHVI PDM is available in granular form 50kg bag.

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